Woodwild Park, Metuchen, NJ

Certificate of Incorporation

Following is a transcription of the Certificate of Incorporation of the Woodwild Park Association, recorded on Page 170 in Book D of Incorporated Societies in the Clerk's Office in the County of Middlesex, State of New Jersey on November 24, 1897.

The original handwritten recording of this certificate is available in this PDF Scanned Document.


Certificate of Incorporation of the Woodwild Park Association

This certifies that we who have signed our names hereto are trustees maintaining a Public Park at Metuchen, in the Township of Raritan, County of Middlesex, New Jersey, called the Woodwild Park and consisting of the tract of land containing three acres and six hundred and fifty four one thousandths of an acre (3 654/1000) conveyed to us by Charles L. Corbin and wife by deed of Trust dated November 1 AD 1897 and that we desire to become incorporated pursuant to the Act of the Legislature of New Jersey entitled "An Act for the Incorporation of Park Trustees" approved March 14, 1895 under the name of the Woodwild Park Association in order to hold the said property as the property of said Corporation under the limitations and restrictions as to the management of the trust which are contained in said deed.

Witness our hands and seals this twenty-second day of November in the year eighteen hundred and ninety seven.

Sealed and delivered in the presence of C. L. Corbin

J. G. Mason (ls)
John H. Raven (ls)
C. W. Demings (ls)
C. M. Dunham (ls)
F. E. Barnard (ls)
A. C. Litterst (ls)
Helen Whitman (ls)
Frances C. Connor (ls)
Elizabeth A. Hunt (ls)
Clara L. Wilson (ls)
Susan E. Waite (ls)
Elizabeth B. Corbin (ls)