Inventory of Plants

Over 100 different species of plants can be found in Woodwild Park. This includes trees, shrubs, flowers, and, yes, weeds. Pictures of most of them are available here. Identification is a work-in-progress. Identified species are listed below. Click here to see all pictures, including the ones we have not yet identified. All pictures were taken in Woodwild Park.

Pictures of fungi and slime molds have been moved to the new Fungi section on this website.

If you believe we've misidentified a species, please send email to info@woodwildpark.org

SpeciesInformationPhoto(s)More Info
Ambarbarissee: Common Barberry
TreeAmerican BeechWikipedia Fagus grandifoliaPhoto 06/25/09
Photo 06/25/09
TreeAmerican HollyWikipedia Ilex opacaPhoto 06/25/09
American Lindensee: Basswood
PlantAmerican PokeweedWikipedia Phytolacca americanaPhoto 06/25/09
TreeAmerican SweetgumWikipedia Liquidambar styracifluaPhoto 06/25/09
FlowerAnnual HonestyWikipedia Lunaria annuaPhoto 08/14/09Non-Native
FlowerAsiatic DayflowerWikipedia Commelina communisPhoto 06/28/09Non-Native
Barberrysee: Common Barberry
TreeBasswoodWikipedia Tilia americanaPhoto 06/25/09
Photo 06/25/09
PlantBorder ForsythiaWikipedia Forsythia intermediaPhoto 06/25/09
Photo 06/25/09
Box-leaved Hollysee: Japanese Holly
PlantBroadleaf PlantainWikipedia Plantago majorPhoto 06/25/09Non-Native
Burdocksee: Lesser Burdock
PlantBurning BushWikipedia Euonymus alatusPhoto 06/25/09
Photo 06/25/09
Link Invasive
FlowerCanada ThistleWikipedia Cirsium arvensePhoto 06/25/09Link Invasive
Champion Oaksee: Red Oak
Climbing Euonymussee: Wintercreeper
PlantCommon BarberryWikipedia Berberis vulgarisPhoto 06/25/09
Photo 06/25/09
Link Invasive
FlowerCommon DandelionWikipedia Taraxacum officinalePhoto 06/25/09
FlowerCommon MulleinWikipedia Verbascum thapsusPhoto 06/25/09
Photo 06/25/09
Photo 06/25/09
FlowerCommon PeriwinkleWikipedia Vinca minorPhoto 06/25/09Link Invasive
Common Ivysee: English Ivy
Common Rushsee: Soft Rush
Common Yellow Oxalissee: Common Yellow Woodsorrel
FlowerCommon Yellow WoodsorrelWikipedia Oxalis strictaPhoto 06/25/09
Conker Treesee: Horse Chestnut
Creeping Myrtlesee: Common Periwinkle
Corpse Plantsee: Indian Pipe
Creeping Thistlesee: Canada Thistle
FlowerDaisy FleabaneLink Erigeron strigosusPhoto 07/28/09
Dandelionsee: Common Dandelion
Ditch Daylilysee: Orange Daylily
Dogwoodsee: Flowering Dogwood
TreeDouglas-firWikipedia Pseudotsuga menziesiiPhoto 06/25/09
Photo 06/25/09
Dwarf Periwinklesee: Common Periwinkle
TreeEastern RedbudWikipedia Cercis canadensisPhoto 06/25/09
Photo 06/25/09
PlantEnglish IvyWikipedia Hedera helixPhoto 06/25/09Link Invasive
European Barberrysee: Common Barberry
False Solomon's Sealsee: Treacleberry
False Spikenardsee: Treacleberry
False Strawberrysee: Mock Strawberry
Feathery False Lily of the Valleysee: Treacleberry
Five-Fingersee: Virginia Creeper
Fleabanesee: Daisy Fleabane
TreeFlowering DogwoodWikipedia Cornus floridaPhoto 06/25/09
Photo 06/25/09
Forsythiasee: Border Forsythia
Fortune's spindlesee: Wintercreeper
PlantGarlic MustardWikipedia Alliaria petiolataPhoto 06/25/09
Photo 06/25/09
Link Invasive
Ghost Plantsee: Indian Pipe
Great Mulleinsee: Common Mullein
Hollysee: American Holly
Honestysee: Annual Honesty
TreeHorse ChestnutWikipedia Aesculus hippocastanumPhoto 06/25/09Non-Native
PlantIndian PipeWikipedia Monotropa unifloraPhoto 08/03/09
Photo 08/14/09
Photo 08/16/09
Photo 08/16/09
Photo 08/23/09
Indian Strawberrysee: Mock Strawberry
PlantJapanese HollyWikipedia Ilex crenataPhoto 06/25/09
Photo 06/25/09
PlantJapanese KnotweedWikipedia Fallopia japonicaPhoto 06/25/09
Photo 06/25/09
Link Invasive
PlantJapanese PachysandraWikipedia Pachysandra terminalisPhoto 06/25/09Non-Native
Jaundice Berrysee: Common Barberry
Jersey Pinesee: Virginia Pine
Lemon Cloversee: Common Yellow Woodsorrel
FlowerLesser BurdockWikipedia Arctium minusPhoto 07/28/09Non-Native
Lesser Periwinklesee: Common Periwinkle
FlowerLily of the ValleyWikipedia Convallaria majalisPhoto 06/25/09
Lilyturfsee: Monkey Grass
Maplesee: Norway Maple or Sugar Maple
PlantMock StrawberryWikipedia Potentilla indicaPhoto 08/12/09
Photo 08/12/09
Money Plantsee: Annual Honesty
PlantMonkey GrassWikipedia Liriope muscariPhoto 06/25/09Non-Native
Mulberrysee: Red Mulberry
Mulleinsee: Common Mullein
Myrtlesee: Common Periwinkle
Northern Red Oaksee: Red Oak
TreeNorway MapleWikipedia Acer platanoidesPhoto 06/25/09Link Invasive
Oaksee: Red Oak or White Oak
FlowerOrange DaylilyWikipedia Hemerocallis fulvaPhoto 06/25/09Link Invasive
Pachysandrasee: Japanese Pachysandra
Periwinklesee: Common Periwinkle
Plantainsee: Broadleaf Plantain
PlantPoison IvyWikipedia Toxicodendron radicansPhoto 06/25/09
Photo 06/28/09
Pokeweedsee: American Pokeweed
Redbudsee: Eastern Redbud
TreeRed MulberryWikipedia Morus rubraPhoto 06/27/09
Photo 06/27/09
TreeRed OakWikipedia Quercus rubraPhoto 06/25/09
Red Sassafrassee: Sassafras
PlantRedshankWikipedia Persicaria maculosaPhoto 06/25/09Non-Native
Rushsee: Soft Rush
TreeSassafrasWikipedia Sassafras albidumPhoto 06/25/09
Silky Sassafrassee: Sassafras
Silver Dollarsee: Annual Honesty
Small Periwinklesee: Common Periwinkle
Smilacinasee: Treacleberry
GrassSoft RushWikipedia Juncus effususPhoto 06/25/09
Soldier's Herbsee: Broadleaf Plantain
Solomon's Plumesee: Treacleberry
TreeSugar MapleWikipedia Acer saccharumPhoto 06/25/09
Sweetgumsee: American Sweetgum
Tall Bonesetsee: White Snakeroot
Tawny Daylilysee: Orange Daylily
Tiger Daylilysee: Orange Daylily
PlantTreacleberryWikipedia Maianthemum racemosumPhoto 06/25/09
TreeTulip TreeWikipedia Liriodendron tulipiferaPhoto 06/25/09
Upright Yellow-sorrelsee: Common Yellow Woodsorrel
PlantVirginia CreeperWikipedia Parthenocissus quinquefoliaPhoto 06/25/09
Virginian Cutgrasssee: Whitegrass
TreeVirginia PineWikipedia Pinus virginianaPhoto 06/25/09
Photo 06/25/09
White Cutgrasssee: Whitegrass
White Dogwoodsee: Flowering Dogwood
GrassWhitegrassWikipedia Leersia virginicaPhoto 06/25/09
TreeWhite OakWikipedia Quercus albaPhoto 06/25/09
White Saniclesee: White Snakeroot
White Sassafrassee: Sassafras
PlantWhite SnakerootWikipedia Ageratina altissimaPhoto 06/25/09
Photo 06/25/09
Winged Burning Bushsee: Burning Bush
Winged Euonymussee: Burning Bush
Winged Spindlesee: Burning Bush
PlantWintercreeperWikipedia Euonymus fortuneiPhoto 06/25/09
Photo 06/25/09
Link Invasive
Yellow Woodsorrelsee: Common Yellow Woodsorrel